GrandMed is not just a clinic, but a well-known brand with a recognizable character.

Clinic Information

Today, plastic surgery has become an integral part of our everyday lives. This field of medicine was originally developed as a means of correcting certain defects of the human body by way of surgical intervention. Over time, however, the scope of application of plastic surgery has dramatically expanded, and at present, encompasses not only reconstructive but also aesthetic disciplines, which have become quite sought-after and popular. Our plastic surgery clinic, GrandMed, is one of the best multidisciplinary medical centers in its field. We offer our clients a full range of services dedicated to the improvement and refinement of their physical appearance. The high qualification and vast experience of our physicians, combined with our use of high-tech equipment, cutting-edge technologies and advanced methods, allow us to achieve exceptional results. Aside from this important aspect of our successful work, we also take an individual approach to each and every visitor. For all of our clinic staff, every plastic surgery and other procedure is much more than just work. It’s a calling — the aspirations to help others in their desire to change and become more attractive, find harmony with their inner selves, and express their individuality.


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