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Upper-arm lift


What is an upper-arm lift?

An upper-arm lift is an operation aimed at eliminating drooping skin of the inner upper arms with a reduction in their thickness (circumference). Surgical intervention results in an improvement in the proportions of the upper half of the body; the patient gains the opportunity to buy and wear more open clothes - short-sleeved T-shirts and sundresses, etc.

Indications for an upper-arm lift

Excess thickness of the upper arms with drooping skin along the inside edge. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the typical appearance of the upper arms is predicated on excessive subcutaneous fatty deposits, and less frequently - a significant amount of sagging, drooping skin is the result of weight loss.

Upper-arm lift technique

The operation begins with subcutaneous liposuction of the most sagging sections of the upper arms. Then, a vertical incision along the inner upper arms is used to remove the excess skin, surface tissue is lifted towards the muscles, and inner cosmetic sutures are stitched. The operation concludes with the dressing of special compression sleeves. The duration of the operation is from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Rehabilitation after an upper-arm lift

A 1-day inpatient stay at the clinic is recommended. Taking a shower is allowed 3 days after the operation. Compression undergarments are worn for 2 weeks; in some cases, their usage period can be shortened to 1 week. The final result can be evaluated in 2 months.

Alternative to surgery

It’s possible that ultrasound lifting of the skin could be performed using the Ulthera System.


Can physical exercise get rid of drooping upper-arm skin?

If there is already cutaneous or cutaneous-fatty pleating of the upper arms, it can’t be eliminated through physical exercise or adopting a proper diet. This is because outstretched skin and subcutaneous tissue are incapable of “snapping back,” while physical exercise can improve the shape and tone of the upper-arm muscles but not refine their overall contours.

After the excision of excess skin, a post-op scar remains on the upper arms. How noticeable will it be?

The fine, vertical scar is located in the most concealed area - in the mid-section of the inner upper arms. As a rule, it begins in the underarm area and ends in the middle of the upper arms. Its visibility will become minimal several months after the operation.

Details about upper-arm lifts

An upper-arm lift is often combined with liposuction in the underarm area - this makes it possible to alleviate pressure on the shoulders from the soft tissue of the ribcage and enhances the overall result of the operation. The total area of excised skin of the upper arms may reach as much as dozens of square centimeters. The post-operative scar line is sometimes closed with special medical tape, which makes it possible to take a shower the next day after the operation. The period of restricted physical activity is quite brief - about one month.

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