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Breast asymmetry


Breast asymmetry assumes a difference between the right and left breast in terms of size, shape and physical appearance. Breast asymmetry is encountered in almost 94% of all women, but with varying degrees of pronouncement. There are cases when the difference is too great. This leads not only to the woman’s emotional anxiety and lowered self-esteem, but also to significant problems in choosing clothes.

Causes of breast asymmetry:

Breast asymmetry may be caused by various factors, including:

  • uneven development in puberty;
  • accelerated growth of one breast in adolescence and early adulthood;
  • changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding; 
  • uneven distribution (shrinkage) of the tissue during the aging process, and as a result of diseases of the mammary glands (such as mastitis); 
  • weight fluctuations;
  • unsuccessful previous attempts to change breast size;
  • other.

Types of correction for breast asymmetry:

As a rule, the correction of breast asymmetry involves a series of surgical manipulations aimed at achieving the optimal result:

  • augmentation of the smaller breast using an implant;
  • augmentation of both breasts with the insertion of implants of different sizes;
  • augmentation of the smaller breast with lipofilling;
  • reduction of the larger breast;
  • reduction combined with lifting of the larger breast.

Other combinations of plastic surgery are also possible. In each case, this will depend on individual particularities and the wishes of the patient.

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