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Breast augmentation


Mammoplasty - - is one of the most commonly-performed operations in global plastic surgery. The high demand for breast augmentation is explained by the proven effectiveness of the operation, coupled with its short rehabilitation period.

At the premium-class GrandMed clinic, breast augmentation is performed using the endoprosthesis method. It entails the insertion into the breast tissue of specially-designed breast implants made by Siltex® - Natrelle, which are perfectly safe and have passed certification in both Russia and abroad. 

In which cases is breast augmentation indicated for patients?

Mammoplasty helps women who want to:

  • increase the size of their breasts;
  • correct the shape of naturally-asymmetrical mammary glands; 
  • lift breasts that have lost their shape or volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight-loss or in connection with age-related changes;
  • reconstruct the breasts after mastectomy.

As we can see, a breast augmentation is a great way of correcting any aesthetic flaws of one of the most attractive features of the female body.

In which cases is a breast augmentation not performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is contraindicated in a number of cases. These include:

  • autoimmune diseases, which make it very likely that the implant will be rejected;
  • diseases or syndromes that have a negative impact on the wound-healing process - blood-clotting problems, pancreatic diabetes;
  • ongoing lactation;
  • oncological or infectious diseases, as well as psychological disorders.
  • Breast augmentation is also contraindicated if blood flow to the breast tissue has been compromised. In all other cases, there are no contraindications for breast augmentation.

How is breast-augmentation surgery performed, and how long does it last?

Breast-augmentation surgery lasts 1-2.5 hours and is performed under anesthesia. The incision to insert the implants may be made:

  • in the under-arm cavity;
  • along the edge of the nipple areola;
  • under the breast;
  • via transabdominal access - through an incision on the anterior abdominal wall, which is used in cases where the breast augmentation is performed in tandem with abdominoplasty.

The implants are placed under the breast tissue, under the chest muscles or under the fascia of the pectoralis major. 

The exact choice of method for insertion of the implant and its positioning is made by the surgeon in consultation with the patient. That said, considerations are also made for the patient’s individual body shape, the patient’s wishes in terms of the future shape and size of the breasts, and the specifics of the operation itself. In any case, the post-operative miniature sutures become virtually unnoticeable over time.

After breast augmentation, will the breasts still look natural?

Modern methods of plastic surgery allow for the performance of breast augmentation with minimal possible complications. Nevertheless, you should be familiar with the particularities of the post-operative period and strictly follow all of the recommendations given by your plastic surgeon.
For the first 24 hours after breast-augmentation surgery, it’s best to stay at the clinic under the observation of GrandMed specialists. The mild pain that may be experienced the first few days after breast-augmentation surgery can be alleviated by analgesics. The discomfort, reduced sensitivity in some tissue and swelling will subside on their own over the course of several days.

The sutures are removed a week after breast augmentation. Approximately ten days after the operation, you’ll be able to completely resume your normal daily activities. For the first month after the operation, it’s essential to wear compression undergarments and limit physical exertion. Final evaluation of the results of breast augmentation can be done 2-3 months after surgery.

If the sutures have been made around the areola, additional contour correction may entail the use of permanent makeup.

How can I know what breast shape and size would be optimal for me?

At the consultation, the physician will do a full exam, take the necessary measurements and select the implant model that will give your breasts the perfect shape and size.

You’ll also be able to find out how much breast augmentation will cost for you: the price of the operation can vary in each individual case (depending on the chosen implant model, length of operation and in-patient stay). If you’re experiencing aesthetic or psychological discomfort, book a consultation right now: a breast augmentation at GrandMed is your chance to gain self-confidence and beautiful breasts! 

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