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Breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat (lipofilling)


Many patients are interested in augmenting their breasts with their own fat or breast lipofilling. Lipofilling of the breasts has become quite popular, while the technique for injecting the fat into the tissue - specially prepared at the GrandMed clinic - has been refined, making it possible to assert a positive result in most cases. 

Main advantages of breast lipofilling:

  • breast augmentation is performed using natural, “native” material to the patient’s body, which is an important consideration for some; 
  • breast lipofilling is a low-trauma procedure. Lipofilling is performed with the aid of fine tubes that don’t require incisions on the skin, meaning that there are barely any traces of surgical intervention; 
  • breast lipofilling is performed in tandem with liposuction, meaning the patient can simultaneously get rid of unwanted trapped fat while increasing their breast size;
  • absence of the likelihood of contracture (which can occur in cases of breast augmentation by way of endoprosthesis).

Nuances of breast augmentation by lipofilling

  • Before the fatty tissue is transplanted, it undergoes “processing.” In order to obtain roughly 400 grams of “bio-filler,” which will then be injected into the mammary glands, at least two liters of fatty tissue are required.
  • Breast augmentation by lipofilling is limited in terms of volume. As a rule, it’s not possible to increase the breasts by more than 1 size using fatty tissue. For a significant increase in the size of the breasts, endoprosthesis is required.
  • Some of the injected fat is reabsorbed into the body (up to 40%). 
  • The final result of breast lipofilling can be evaluated approximately 3 months after the operation. 
  • In the event that the patient is set on a significant breast augmentation with the use of lipofilling alone, it will probably be necessary to perform several operations spaced out over time. That said, it should be noted that the patient’s body must have enough available fatty tissue (thin women lack the needed volume of their own adipose layer). 
  • Lipofilling in the case of sagging breasts (ptosis) is not expedient, since it wouldn’t yield an aesthetically-pleasing breast shape. In this case, what’s required is a breast-lift
  • The fatty tissue injected into the breasts is highly susceptible to weight fluctuation. In the case of weight loss, the breasts may shrink.
  • Dispersal of the fatty tissue may be uneven in different parts of the breasts.
Despite the fact that, in 2007, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons issued an official statement warning the public not to pursue breast augmentation through fat injection, the method does have its proponents. So as to avoid disappointment from the operation, the plastic surgeons at GrandMed carefully screen patients wanting to augment their breasts with the aid of lipofilling. 

Commentary by plastic surgeons on breast lipofilling.

Vadim Alexeevich Bragilev

“Lipofilling is a good option, but rarely works out from the logical standpoint. Judge for yourself: if a patient has small breasts, she’s likely to be petite herself. From where, then, would we be able to harvest at least two liters of “extra” fatty tissue?”

Alexei Ivanovich Ukrainsky

“At recent plastic surgery conferences, many papers have been devoted to the topic of lipofilling. Just 10 years ago, this method had a questionable effect, since the surgeons couldn’t overcome the low tissue survival threshold. Today, thanks to modern technical equipping and a wealth of practical experience, the problem is successfully solved in the overwhelming majority of cases.” 

Factors influencing the survival rate of fatty tissue and satisfaction with the final result:

  • surgeon’s correct choice of donor site (for the performance of liposuction)
  • surgeon’s chosen technique for harvesting the fatty tissue
  • technique used to process the harvested fatty tissue
  • technique for injecting the fat (bio-filler) into the breasts.

The rapid advancement of lipofilling technologies and modern methods for the processing of the patient’s own fat make it possible to assert that...

...breast lipofilling has its place, but only provided that:

  • the operation is performed according to modern technology, 
  • the patient meets the criteria under proper screening to be recommended for this method of breast augmentation

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