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Breast reduction


Large breasts cause many women inconvenience (pain in the cervical and dorsal spine, problems breathing while sleeping, underbust chafing) and psychological discomfort. A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that eliminates the aforementioned inconveniences and cosmetic defects. The result - beauty, the sense of well-being and freedom in choosing clothing.


  • Discomfort due to oversized breasts
  • Woman’s dissatisfaction with the appearance of her breasts
  • A breast-lift can be performed in combination with an areola reduction (incidentally, this procedure can also be performed separately).

Surgical technique:

The surgical procedure for breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. The operation entails the removal of excess fatty cells, mammary tissue and skin, and the shift of the nipple and areola to the correct position. Since oversized breasts are always accompanied by the problem of sagging, the size of the gland isn’t just redistributed, but reduced. The surgical procedure lasts for 2-3 hours. 

Уменьшение груди

Rehabilitation after breast reduction:

It is recommended to stay at the clinic as an in-patient for the first 2-3 days. In 5-7 days, you can resume your daily activities. The effect of the surgical procedure can be evaluated in 2-3 months. 

Getting a beautiful result under the reduction of oversized breasts has always been a very challenging tasks. At GrandMed, we have all of the resources for the successful treatment of such patients, with the use of technologies developed by our own surgeons. The lack of serious complications and projected aesthetic result - these are the main elements of the new approach to performing these complex and major operations. 

Photos of clinic patients Before and After a breast-lift

FAQ at the consultation

To what size can breasts be reduced?

Breasts can be reduced to any size. Of course, you’ll receive a detailed answer at the consultation.

Does the operation affect the lactation process?

The methods used at our clinic make it possible to maintain nipple sensitivity and lactation, although breastfeeding can deteriorate the result of the operation.

Does an areola reduction affect lactation and breastfeeding?

Under the performance of an areola reduction, the mammary tissue and ducts are not damaged, so you can breastfeed after the operation.

Details on breast reduction

During the operation, an incision around the nipple in the lower breast is used to remove mammary tissue and subcutaneous fat cells. Then, the surgeon separates the areola and nipple and moves them to a higher position. Reabsorbing sutures are placed in the breast tissue, and inner cosmetological stitches are placed in the skin. As a rule, the surgical wounds are drained with special “tubes,” which are removed 1-2 days after the operation.

The post-op scars first become pink, then fade 4-6 months later, turning into fine, whitish lines that are virtually unnoticeable to others. 

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