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A thigh lift


What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is an operation aimed at eliminating excess drooping tissue of the upper half of the inner surface of the thighs with a reduction in their width (circumference). As a result of the excision of excess skin, the contour of the inner thighs becomes even and the tone of underlying tissue is dramatically improved.

A lift of the inner surface of the thighs is frequently combined with liposuction in other areas - this makes it possible to achieve the most harmonious result possible in terms of improving the overall contours of the thighs. The total area of excised skin may reach as much as dozens of square centimeters. The post-operative scar line is sometimes closed with special medical tape, which makes it possible to take a shower the next day after the operation. The period of restricted physical activity is quite brief - about one month.

Indications for a thigh lift

Excessive thickness of the subcutaneous-fatty layer of the inner thighs with excess drooping skin. Weight loss frequently results in an excessive amount of overstretched, drooping skin in this area.


The operation begins with subcutaneous liposuction - the excess thickness of subcutaneous fat is removed. Then, an incision along the perineal-femoral groove is used to remove the excess skin at a height reaching 7 cm or more. After that, the tissue of the inner surface of the thighs is lifted upwards together with the skin, with the stitching of inner cosmetic sutures. The operation concludes with the dressing of special compression undergarments. The duration of the operation is roughly 3 hours.

Rehabilitation after a thigh lift

A 1-day inpatient stay at the clinic is recommended. Taking a shower is allowed 3 days after the operation. Compression undergarments are worn for 2-3 weeks. The final result can be evaluated in 2 months. 


Can physical exercise get rid of drooping thigh skin?

If the skin is already drooping, it can’t be eliminated through physical exercise or adopting a proper diet. This is because outstretched skin and subcutaneous tissue are incapable of “snapping back”, while physical exercise can improve the shape and tone of the thigh muscles but not refine their overall contours.

After the excision of excess skin, a long post-op scar remains on the thighs. How noticeable will it be?

A fine, linear scar is placed in a highly-concealed area - along the inguinofemoral groove. As a rule, it begins in the public region and ends at the start of the femoral-gluteal groove. Its visibility will become minimal several months after the operation.

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