Procedure information

What is a buttocks lift?

A buttocks lift is an operation aimed at eliminating excessive drooping of the lower half of the gluteal tissue with a reduction in the vertical size of the buttocks. From stretched and flattened, the buttocks become more lifted and rounded.

A buttocks lift is frequently combined with liposuction in other areas - this makes it possible to achieve the most harmonious result possible. Sometimes, the operation is performed as part of more significant intervention - bodylifting: for example, a buttocks lift can be done simultaneously with plastic surgery of the anterior abdominal wall. The post-operative scar line is sometimes closed with special medical tape, which makes it possible to take a shower the next day after the operation. Period of restricted physical activity - roughly 6 weeks.

Other types of buttocks lift:

  • with oblique positioning of the post-op scar along the buttocks
  • with oblique positioning of the post-op scar at the site of the gluteofemoral groove
  • less common, due to the formation of scars in visible areas or a more modest improvement in the contour of the buttocks.

Other means of buttocks correction: gluteoplasty and lipofilling

The GrandMed clinic doesn’t offer buttocks augmentation (gluteoplasty) due to the procedure’s lack of full aesthetic refinement (pinching of the implants, discomfort when sitting on the buttocks, and sometimes - unnatural-looking buttocks). We recommend lipofilling as means of achieving the desired contours of the buttocks. The operation actually encompasses taking the fatty tissue in places where it’s excessive (for instance, on the outer surface of the thighs, the anterior abdominal wall) and repositioning it to areas of gluteal gaps. In the event of deep scarry adhesions after the injections, this will require an additional lipofilling procedure, which can be performed no earlier than six months after the first operation.

Indications for a buttocks lift

Grounds for performing the operation are provided by pronounced flabbiness of the buttocks with drooping skin in the lower section. Intensive dieting can result in the formation of excess overstretched, drooping skin in this area, which leads to the appearance of drooping skin folds in the area of the natal cleft.

Buttocks lift technique

There are a number of fundamental options for performing this operation. Most frequently, a significant amount of skin in terms of vertical size is removed from the upper half of the buttocks - up to 14 cm or even more. That said the lower half of the buttocks is lifted upwards with the complete smoothing of the folding skin underneath. The intervention concludes with the stitching of layered cosmetic sutures. The duration of the operation is 3 - 3.5 hours.


A 1-day inpatient stay at the clinic is recommended. Taking a shower is allowed 3 days after the operation. There is no need to wear compression undergarments if no liposuction is performed on contiguous areas. The surgical technique used at the clinic is such that sitting is permitted the very next day - even while driving. The final result can be evaluated in 2 months.


Can physical exercise get rid of drooping skin and improve the shape of the buttocks?

If the skin is already drooping, it can’t be eliminated through physical exercise or adopting a proper diet. This is because stretched skin and subcutaneous tissue aren’t capable of “snapping back”. Physical exercise improves the shape and tone of the gluteal muscles, but has only a slight effect on the overall contours of the buttocks.

After the excision of excess skin, a long post-op scar remains on the body. How noticeable will it be?

The fine, linear scar is positioned in an area that’s always covered by underwear. Its visibility will become minimal several months after the operation.

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