+7(812) 327-5000


GrandMed Clinic at 35 Sadovaya Ul.

14/35 Per. Spassky, St. Petersburg, 190031, Russia (entrance from 35 Sadovaya ul.), 1-2-minutes’ walk from “Sennaya Ploschad” metro station.

Business hours: 09:00-20:30, without lunch breaks, open on weekends

Telephone (for consultations and scheduling patient appointments): +7-812-327-5000

For out-of-town patients

If you’re planning to travel to the GrandMed clinic for plastic surgery from another city, you can:

  • get a preliminary consultation with a plastic surgeon according to photographs with an approximate calculation of the cost of the operation (questions, photos and desired results should be sent to: cons@grandmed.ru)
  • if you’re happy with everything, the administrator with whom you’ll be corresponding can help you:
  • schedule a consultation (choose the physician, date and time)
  • schedule analytical work and a medical exam (usually, on the next day after the consultation), which, among other things, includes a consultation with an anesthesiologist, and in the case of breast surgery - a consultation with a mammologist-oncologist
  • schedule the operation (the next day or two-three days after the analytical work and medical exam)

i.e. we can make your stay in St. Petersburg as brief as possible, without waiting or wasting time. All you have to do: on the appointed day and time, report to the GrandMed clinic, have the consultation with the physician - at which the operating plan will be finalized and the exact cost of all of the manipulations will be calculated, sign the agreement and the informed consent, and pay for the services at the clinic’s billing office (cash, non-cash or bank transfer).

  • We can book you a hotel room if you’re arriving earlier or don’t want to leave town after discharge until the stitches are removed (where necessary). In this case, we recommend undergoing rehabilitation procedures in order to reduce recovery time by 2-3 folds. 

How to get to the GrandMed Clinic

Upon arriving in St. Petersburg, you can take a taxi or use the metro or a shuttle-cab.

  • From the Moskovsky train station - the entrance to the metro is in the station. On the metro, transfer to line 3, ride to “Gostiny Dvor” station, transfer to line 2 and ride to “Sennaya Ploschad” station.
  • From the Ladozhsky train station - “Ladozhskaya” metro station is next to the train station. You should ride to “Spasskaya” station.
  • From Pulkovo Airport - the route between the new terminal and St. Petersburg is serviced by buses No. 39, No. 39A and shuttle-cab K39 to “Moskovskaya” metro station. On metro line 2, ride to “Sennaya Ploschad” metro station.

From “Sennaya Ploschad,” “Spasskaya” metro stations, it’s a 1-2-minute walk to the clinic.