Procedure information

How the operation unfolds:

Surgical intervention takes place in the oral cavity. The surgeon makes an incision, removes some of the fatty tissue and stitches the skin together while stretching it. The resulting scar is on the inside of the cheek. So, the operation is not at all traumatic to the skin, meaning that no scars will be visible on the outside. A positive result is guaranteed irrespective of whether the patient has thin or full cheeks - this shouldn’t have an impact on the outcome of the operation.

Dimple Creation

Rehabilitation period after a dimplectomy:

The rehabilitation period is pain-free and without complications - there’s not even a need for removal of the stitches.

Planning the operation:

Dimplectomy - the operation isn’t complicated in and of itself, although we always warn patients of the need to think carefully about the question of creating dimples. With age, a dimpling of the cheek skin may become much more pronounced (even while resting), and can result in the formation of deep folds due to sagging facial skin (age-related changes) that would be difficult to remove.

Particularities of the operation:

The dimplectomy procedure is irreversible - the dimples can’t be completely removed once they’ve been formed. With a follow-up operation, their depth can only be reduced.

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