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If the first thing that gives your age away is your eyes, then your neck is the second. It’s no coincidence that women who’ve entered their 40s often hide this area from peering eyes with neck scarves or high collars. Vertical furrows and horizontal folds, double-chin, “ropiness” and general flabbiness of the neck skin - it’s this combination that often makes women and men look even older than their actual age. A neck-lift (or platysmaplasty - so named for the “plastysma” muscles that run along the anterior surface of the neck) strengthens the tone of the skin and lifts the underlying neck muscles, thereby improving the overall contour of the face. This operation is frequently combined with a face-lift, but can also be performed as a separate procedure. A well-timed neck-lift can dramatically improve the patient’s looks, restoring their fresh and youthful appearance.

For whom is a neck-lift indicated?

This operation is indicated first and foremost for those who want to get rid of their “droopy” neck, caused by age-related changes or as a result of significant weight loss. Perhaps these changes have occurred as a result of genetic predisposition. 

Which deformations can be eliminated by platysmaplasty? 

A neck-lift has proven effective in the following cases:

  • sagging skin with folds;
  • double-chin;
  • ropiness - so-called “turkey neck;”
  • pronounced wrinkles and fatty deposits;
  • lost definition of the contact angle between neck and face.

Is it worth thinking about additional procedures?

Each neck- and face-lift operation is unique. And each surgeon consults the patient on the goals and expectations of the operation. So, the operating plan for neck rejuvenation is put together for each individual patient on a case-by-case basis. If, for example, the patient has a fuller face, a simple lifting of the skin in the neck area may prove to be ineffective. In addition to the lift, the removal of fat from under the chin and in the cheek area with subsequent surgery of the neck and face may also be required. The full range of neck and face rejuvenation encompasses surgery on the upper and lower lids, correction of the facial oval, neck-lift, forehead-lift and liposuction of individual facial zones. This type of comprehensive rejuvenating operation can be performed in a single session. This saves the patient’s time - as well as her money.

How is a neck- and face-lift performed at GrandMed?

At GrandMed, a neck-lift operation can be performed by endoscope or according to the classical, open method. The specific choice of neck-lift technique is determined individually.

  • In the case of classical, open neck surgery, an incision is made around the outer ear and ending at the hairline. In performing a neck-lift, the surgeon moves the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles to the required position and removes any excess skin, thereby improving the contours of the face and neck.
  • In the case of an endoscopic neck- and face-lift, the operation is performed through small, 10-15 mm-long incisions that won’t leave visible scars. This procedure is indicated for younger patients with an insignificant amount of excess skin - ages 30-40.

After the neck- and face-rejuvenating operation, varying degrees of swelling and a reduction in skin-cover sensitivity may be observed. These symptoms subside on their own over the course of 2-3 weeks. Pain during the recovery period is insignificant.

In order to enhance the aesthetic effect of platysmaplasty, GrandMed specialists recommend augmenting the neck-lift operation with laser-rejuvenation procedures, ultrasound lifting and bio-revitalization (in each individual case, recommendations may vary depending on indications). 

Age-related skin changes may make you look visually older than your years, and add unnecessary anxiety to your life.  A face- and neck-rejuvenating procedure helps eliminate age-related deformations of the skin and related complexes. This is what one of the surgeons at the GrandMed clinic, A. Shumilo, has to say on that score: “Platysmaplasty is frequently a “lift” for the soul. After all, if the reflection we see in the mirror doesn’t match our own perception of our age, it has a profound impact on both our mood as well as our emotional balance.”

The aesthetic and psychological effect reaped from this type of plastic surgery lasts for several years and is much more valuable that the cost of a neck- and face-lift.

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