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Breast reduction

This section features before and after photos of breast reduction surgery.

Our plastic surgeons find the idea that big-busted women are more popular among men to be a dubious assertion.  Copious breasts certainly attract attention, but on the other hand, many members of the stronger sex have to work up a lot of courage before approaching such women. So in the end, everyone gets their fair share of attention.   A very full bust, while pleasing to the eye, isn’t so great from the medical standpoint, first and foremost for the woman herself - it starts sagging sooner, leads to back and neck pain, and gets in the way of playing sports.

At GrandMed, reconstructive mammoplasty (breast reduction) is a very popular operation - not only among Russian women but also with women of the far abroad - all the more so since Western health insurance covers all of the patient’s costs for such a procedure.