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This section features before and after photos of liposuction.

The unqualified leader among all of the operations performed at our clinic is definitely liposuction - an operation that makes it possible to correct the patient’s figure by eliminating excess fatty deposits though small punctures. It attracts people who’ve tried to get rid of their figure flaws - and perhaps a double-chin - through dieting or sports but haven’t been able to achieve the desired result. And then there are always people who just can’t resist indulging in gastronomical delights but dislike exerting themselves to keep their figure in shape. For them, it’s just easier to see the plastic surgeon from time to time for a “tune-up.” And that’s just fine – to each his (or her) own, everyone gets to make that choice.

Due to the considerable number of different liposuction devices, the patient faces the problem of choosing the right method of fat removal - which form of liposuction to opt for: tumescent, ultrasound, laser, electro-mechanical, radio-frequency, water-jet... But there’s no need to memorize them or try choosing one on your own. That’s the surgeon’s job. One of the pioneers of the liposuction method, speaking of the effectiveness of one device over the other, concluded that with enough experience, a good plastic surgeon can achieve excellent results with virtually any device.