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Alexei Ukrainsky

Graduate of the S.M. Kirov Military-Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. Earned a specialization in vascular surgery and microsurgery in 1996, in maxillofacial surgery in 1998. Certified in the skin-rejuvenation method Molding-Mask (1998), bio-dimensional systems in augmenting mammoplasty (1995), ultrasound liposuction technique in contour deformations of the body and the treatment of obesity (1998). Certified at the Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education in 2003 in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. 

  • Member in good standing of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (RSPRAS). 
  • Member in good standing of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) since 2004. 
  • Author of more than 70 scientific articles in the area of microsurgery, hand surgery, traumatology, reconstructive, plastic and aesthetic surgery.  

Assistant professor at the plastic and reconstructive surgery department of the I.I. Mechnikov Northwest State Medical   University

Украинский Алексей Иванович - интервью пластического хирурга   “... Excess weight is largely a problem of awareness. You can’t eat in middle age the way you used to as a student. You have to control your portion sizes, opt for vegetables and meat. But the aspiration for shapeliness must never be oriented towards youthful parameters - otherwise, you’d have to sit on a strict diet forever, and that’s not realistic! The most important point: everyone’s different. There are those who’ve made mistakes with their nutrition and lifestyle. There may be endocrine disturbances, and systematic mistaken thinking... It’s important to understand that what a person puts their mind to, they can do for themselves. 70 percent of all patients don’t have critical problems, just contour flaws: tummy, “aproning”... But! You can get rid of excess weight without surgery - but not from the tummy. Here, another nuance is that overweight people tend to meander from clinic to clinic looking for a weight-loss method that they might like. When what they should be doing is looking for a specialist who will find the root cause.” 
ОПРЭХ (с 2009 года РОПРЭХ) - Российское общество пластических, реконструктивных и эстетических хирургов

SPRAS (since 2009 - RSPRAS)  - Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

ISAPS - International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery- Международное общество эстетических пластических хирургов

ISAPS - International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty - before and after

Face - before and afterr

Breast - before and after

Body - before and after